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Room of the Sibyls

One of the Hotel Albrici’s most interesting historic features is the “Room of the Sibyls” on the first floor. The room is named after the set of 12 oil paintings of mythological Sibyls. Sibyls were mythological characters that were supposed to be able to predict the future. This presentation is especially remarkable since the Sibyls are not Christian figures, yet they are all painted with scenes from the Bible in the background. The origin of the paintings is unknown although one can assume that the Baron de Bassus brought the collection back from Germany. The 12 paintings are oil on linen with a height of 82cm and width of 66cm.

The room’s walls are covered for 2/3 of their height by historic wooden panelling. The door frames are richly decorated with half pillars covered with twisted vine. Above the door is a carved frame holding the coat of arms of the palace’s original builder: the Massella-Gaudenzi family.

In this room you will discover an old and lovely spinet piano built in the year 1781, a mirror in a nicely carved wooden frame from 1710 and an historic clock showing the time as well as the day and month.

The other rooms on this floor contain portraits of the Massella and De Bassus families. These include portraits of Bernardo Massella and his wife dated 1683 and two portraits of them in their old age (dated 1723). Another set of portraits shows Tommaso De Bassus, his wife Cecilia Domenica Massella and their daughter Anna Lucrecia (dated 1784). 

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